3 march 2013,was the most imperative day when I participated in the drama festival which was arranged in my school. It was a remarkable experience for me. Although I was not the main character in that play but however it was an amazing experience for me. Me and my extremely hardworking team started the practice a month before the festival and we were pretty confident that we will surely win this competition, but I really do not know that was confidence or over confidence. A week before the drama festival we luckily got the chance to practice on the stage where we were going to present our play on the day of competition. We were very desperate and were extremely possessive about this competition because we did not wanted that our all hard work goes to waste. At any cost we wanted that trophy. Finally the day came and every one was trying to give extraordinary performance and we were not the only ones who were extremely desperate,there were others as well who wanted that trophy at any cost. And it was our turn to perform and give our best,we tried a lot to give more than our best. Honestly speaking I was a little nervous after seeing some of the performance from the opponent groups and on that moment spider web started to build in my mind..Now the results time and the only question arosing in my mind was “Are we going to win???????????”. And suddenly judges announced our name as a winner team in this drama festival,and we all altogether burst out with joy and happiness. It was unbelievable and it was more like a dream. Delightfulnes was spread all around me and I was flying up in the sky that no one was able to chase me. we were victorious and none of our hardwork wasted and finally that precious trophy was in our hands. waaaooooow!!!!!. Obviously I learned so many useful things from this competition, I enhanced and polished my dialogue delivery and learned how to express from the expressions in different situations which I think will be very useful for me theImage future.



1)Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.Jim Rohn

2)Change your thoughts and you change your world.Norman Vincent Peale

3)A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.Ayn Rand

4)After a storm comes a calm.Matthew Henry

5)You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.C. S. Lewis


My summer vacation plan

Finally the day came for which I was waiting since the beginning of the year 2013. Summer vacations are one of the most enchanting, joyful and delightful days in my life. In this summer vacation I am just going to relax and will do blogging as since from 1 month I was unable to do blogging due to some reasons, but now i am going to give full attention to blogging in this summer. According to me summer vacation contain a mesmerizing effect from which I came out when the summer vacation ended.Summer vacation means no studies, no tension , no stress and enjoyment with abundance. Summer vacation tell us that how beautiful the life is , so do not spoil your summer vacation by just sleeping, do something creative, invent something new and then you will came to know how precious these vacations are. Have a memorable vacation:))))Image

HOW TO DETECT A LIAR???!!!!!!!!!:)

Well! there are millions and billions of people who lies in this world.Some people lies in a pressure,some people lies due to their own personal concern.And some people lies habitually and become professional or we can say that some people become specialized in lying.Well its a dreadful truth but it is truth in this huge world. But how to detect a liar is not that much complicated.We can easily become a detective!!!. We just have to look after some of the tricky things.Firstly we should admire person’s body language that how he/she is walking or roaming around, if his/her body language is not normal well that’s mean something is fishy 🙂 .Secondly his/her expressions if the person is not that much  expert in lying  then he/she might be very tense, but if the person is very much expert in lying then it will be a little difficult job to judge him/her with his/her expressions or to judge with his/her body language. Now the third, last but not the least his/her style of speaking,if he/she is taking much time to answer your cross questions,hesitating to answer or getting stuck in the middle of the sentence well that is mean he/she is trying to build a story or creating an imaginary answer in his/her mind,which will be an obvious lie.So now I strongly hope that now you people have learn that HOW TO DETECT S LIAR :)WELL DON’T FORGET TO USE THESE TIPS IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU ARE GOING  TO FIND OUT A LIAR.

2013 IS GOING TO BE…..????

I think for me 2013 is going to be very much enchanting and interesting.Every single day of my life is full of excitement and full of joy and according to me life is the most precious gift from God to us, so do not spoil your life by doing the things under any pressure.just do those things that you love to do if those thing are not harmful for you.If you are surrounded  by dozens of problems and tension,just close your eyes for a moment and think what are the things that you always love to do or that thing which always make you smile and frequently just do it and fill your life with lots of joy and happiness and don’t give any space to sadness:).

I pray for you all from the bottom of my heart that in this year all your problems and tensions resolve as quickly as it can and you all live a happy and joy full life.WISHING U ALL



According to me a true friend is a person who was with you who is with you and who will always be with you till your last breathe,Who always care about you and if by mistake you get hurt by any of his/her word he/she try to transfer heaven from sky to earth just for your sweeeeeeeet and cuuuuuuuuuute smile 🙂 🙂 :).Ohhhhhh shoooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!He/she will always try to solve your problem and assume that your problem is his/her problem and feel same as you feel when you are problem.A person who feel sad when you feel sad,who feel happy when you feel happy is i think your best and true friend.we can share our personal things or our secrets with our best friend.Best friend can be your mother,father,your sister,your brother,a school friend,a college friend,your university friend or anybody else.SO AT THE LAST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT TRY TO RESPECT YOUR BEST FRIEND OR TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE PRECIOUSNESS AND UNIQUENESS OF YOUR BEST FRIEND BECAUSE ONCE YOU LOSE YOUR BEST FRIEND YOU CANNOT FIND IT AGAIN 🙂


1) How man Fs are in the following sentence: A scientific discovery was made, the footprintes made from humans are made of little frogs. (not actually true)

  • 5
  • 7

2)A roster lays an egg on top of a barn, the wind is blowing to the west, which way does the egg roll?

  • West
  • East

3)The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you’ll die

  • duck
  • poison
  • nothing :->

4)what comes up when the rain comes down?

  • sun
  • sun block
  • umbrella

5)What always ends everything?

  • a letter ‘g’ 😛
  • death
  • the evil (heehahahaha)

c’mon guyz just try 🙂 it is full of fun 🙂 :-p ;-P